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different Kinds of pallets!

STANDARD 48 X 40 #1 & #2

This recycled 48" x 40" x 5-1/2" heat treated wood pallet is known for its sustainability and affordability. It has a 4-way fork access and a static capacity of 2,500 lbs. 


Has only two points of entry front and back.
The overhang on the top provides a lip to catch shrink wrap or strapping.
No bottom boards will aid the insertion of a trolley jack.


Available in multiple sizes
2 way and 4 way fork access options Heat treated pallets are ISPM 15 approved and can be used for export Popular GMA approved sizes available.


We can deliver to Illinois, Ohio,Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and  Missouri! only

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Custom Pallets!

We can also make Custom pallets, Custom pallets is a Pallet were you design the pallet. You can make it bigger smaller or you can put you exact measurements and we will make it.

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